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We are committed to innovation in the development of new products incorporating new technologies. We are specialists in the design and production of Stainless Steel Pools. Stainless steel pools are the result of the introduction into the world of design and interior design of steel, a noble, resistant and recyclable material that fits into any decorative style.

Quick and clean assembly

All parts are prefabricated to be assembled and welded on site, so the assembly time is very short. Furthermore, the process is much cleaner, without generating waste.

Greater resistance and durability

Stainless steel is a non-aging material and its appearance remains unaltered. It has excellent resistance to corrosion, its minimum durability is 30 years.

Lighter than concrete

The structural weight is reduced by 90% if we compare it to traditional construction, this allows us to place INOX Pools in attics, roofs, terraces, etc. Offering more architectural design freedom.

Saving water

As the only material used in the realization of the pool is stainless steel, it makes possible the assembly of all its parts, providing a perfect seal to the installation. Therefore, there is no possibility of leakage and water consumption is reduced.

The pool can be easily modified in the future

INOX pools can be easily modified or enlarged, thus prolonging the life of the facilities in the future. Taking into account the life cycle and low maintenance cost, the return on investment is excellent.

More economical maintenance

INOX Pools require a lower consumption of chemical products. Thanks to the absence of porosity, cleaning is much easier and faster.

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