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“The origin of the sauna is normally attributed to the Finns. The word sauna is the most widespread Finnish word. The expression to take a sauna not only means to spend some time sweating before taking a shower, but to perform a whole ritual that involves the radiation of various periods of perspiration and steam blows, which are produced by throwing water on hot stones. Steam is the spirit of the sauna. The Finnish word löyly (the steam obtained by throwing water on hot stones), is a word of Ugrofinish origin that entered the Finnish vocabulary more than 7,000 years ago… .. ”

Benefits you should know about Saunas

  • Temperature between 80 and 90 ºC. Humidity of 15 - 20% R.H.
  • Eliminate Pathogens.
  • Improves sports performance.
  • Accelerates metabolic functions.
  • Increases longevity, reduces blood pressure.
  • Increased oxygenation and revitalization of tissues, delaying skin aging.
  • Elimination of toxins and impurities.
  • Helps fight bronchitis, sinusitis, cold, cough, asthma.
  • Relaxes the nervous system (indicated for stress, anxiety, depression, etc.).
  • In Pregnancy (low blood pressure), Hypertension (high blood pressure), other ailments or diseases, always consult a doctor before using the sauna.

Benefits you should know about Saunariums

  • Combining the healthy effect of pleasant aromas with the heat of a sauna is a completely new idea and one of the many advantages that a Sanarium offers.
  • With this additional equipment you can enjoy 5 different baths: Sauna, Hot Air Bath, Tropical Bath, Aroma Bath and Soft Steam Bath. With Sanarium, choose the degree of temperature and humidity you want.
  • Inox steel heater. 316L. with a capacity of 20 kg. of peridotite stones and manual / automatic filling water tank.

Our Designs

Our Woods

Why do we prefer Aspen, Alder, Nordic Pine, Hemlock, Cedar and Fir for the manufacture of our saunas? For its origin ... North America and northern Europe as well as for the quality they present to us.

These woods come from trees that live in extreme weather. They spend winters at -30ºC and summers at + 26ºC. These contrasts accustom our woods from a young age to overcome strong expansions and contractions and therefore are the ones chosen for the manufacture of our saunas.


From northern and western North America. Soft white in color. Straight fiber, very strong and heat resistant. Heat-resistant wood thanks to its molecular structure. 70 years of growth before the cut.


From the West Coast of North America. From Canada. Light brown. Straight fiber, sometimes somewhat wavy. Noble and without tendency to deform. Heat and humidity resistant. It is aromatic. Being of first quality it does not present knots. It is not resinous.


Aspen treated at more than 200ºC and tempered to 3 pressure atoms. After treatment you receive this unique color.


From northern Europe. From Scandinavia. Yellowish white and straight fiber. No tendency to deform. Heat-resistant. Even though it is of the highest quality, it presents small juicy and abundant knots. On some rare occasion it can become resinous.


From Europe. Warm pink. Straight, soft and heat resistant fiber. It is the preferred wood of the Finns.


From the West Coast of North America. Reddish to Brown. Straight fiber. Noble and without tendency to deform. Heat and humidity resistant. Being of first quality it does not present knots. It is not resinous. Very aromatic. It usually has very significant color variations in the same piece.


Treatment under high pressure that closes the pores of the wood without losing its humidity. Ideal for intensive use saunas. Brushing gives it a smooth finish and enhances its grain.


Coming from West and Central Africa. Creamy white to pale yellowish white. Straight fiber, sometimes slightly interwoven. Very little conductive of heat. Quick and easy drying. Being of first quality it does not present knots. It is not resinous.


High strength and durability wood. Ideal for intensive use saunas. It can also be used as an external coating, with the help of varnish for UV protection. The presence of knots gives it a rustic connotation, which calls for the original character of the sauna.

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